Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Still no Venue but Our Movie Gets the Greenlight

We are a short seven months out and we still do not have a venue!! I'm pulling my hair over here, and James is just as chill as ever. I feel like we can't move forward without a venue. We haven't had a solid planning session just yet either. I researched venues myself and found that golf courses are a good choice economically speaking. Just need to find one with the best views. I looked into five places and put James' contact info in the forms. I really want him to take charge because he is a logistics genius when it counts. He can talk anyone into anything and I know due to his work experience, he will know all the right questions to ask. Oh and bottom line, James is a haggler, so I am fully confident that he will get the best price.

To his credit, James scheduled a tour at the Potomac Winery in Stafford. It's only a few miles from my house, so the location is ideal, but I think it's going to be out of our price range. I do appreciate James setting it up and it will give us an idea of what to expect at other places. Plus I will feel like we are progressing and I think that will be the biggest benefit of all.

I think golf courses will be the way to go. The price of the packages are just better than what I have found at other venues. I was really into that GlenGardens place, but James isn't able to cut many people off the list of guests, so it is what it is. I still asked him to revise his list and remember that we originally planned to invite the older people to the ceremony and the young people to the party/reception. Just need to get the engagement photo shoot scheduled and our guest list, so we can send out our Save the Date emails. Once we start getting back RSVPs, we will have a more solid headcount. I don't remember if I updated you all, but I do have the party venue locked down. I have my wedding dress, I have hair, makeup and photography locked. I even know where I'm getting James' wedding ring from and how much it will cost.

I know there's probably more to the list, but as I said, I have no idea how to plan a wedding, but I think Im on the right track.

Anyway, back to the headline. Remember I talked about wanting a really unique wedding video after seeing this one? Well, I came up with an idea for a wedding movie. I posted on Facebook for help and got great ideas from my friends. I fell in love with one idea from a Marine I served with named, Sara. I pitched it to some filmmaker friends and out of those who said they would do the work, I chose Torell Shavone. I've worked with her on several projects (Watch one here) and have seen her grow as a director. I really like her vision and her style of directing. She is on board and sent her treatment to me outlining the concept for our wedding narrative. James and I love it. We plan to shoot in about a month.

I plan on having my good friends in the movie and I think everyone will have fun. So excited!

I gotta run. Need to email James some color palettes.

Thanks for following our journey, and dont forget to check the sidebar for helpful resources to assist you in planning your own wedding!


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