Saturday, April 9, 2016

We Cant Agree on Anything

As I write this I feel slightly angry and utterly disappointed in the way this wedding planning is turning out. James and I cannot seem to come to an agreement on even the smallest things! I made some Save the Dates and he rejected them all! Of course he did not offer any constructive criticism other than I looked too "young" on one of them and he didn't like his profile, on another.
He doesn't like his profile
He said I look too young
He didn't give a specific reason for not liking this one

He said he was taking the lead point on securing a venue, but guess what? I haven't heard anything about it since the week we visited the Winery! Time is running short and all James says is, "I will get a place. Don't worry."

I keep telling him that we need to send out invites or at least save the date notices. I know that invitations can go out within three months of the wedding, so that is ok. But I really wanted to send out StheDs too! Oh well.

The stress of planning has us arguing and kind of distant from each other which does nothing but hamper the planning process. I asked James to rethink his position on Glen Gardens. Thankfully, he told me this morning that he would! Phew! I am going to call later on today to find out whether they still even have openings in October. I do not want to push the wedding back, but if we must, we will.

Last time I checked with the coordinator, they had every Sunday in October open. I emailed asking whether they had any Saturdays. Hopefully, they do.

I have been pretty grouchy concerning the wedding because my family keeps asking me when will they get the invitation. I don't understand why they keep asking! Why does any normal occupation-having individual need more than three months notice!?

I really am thinking of saying to hell with it all, and just eloping. But at the same time, James deserves to have the type of wedding he wants. So... I guess we will get on with the wedding planning.

On the brighter side, I got my hair and makeup artist locked. She is amazing and sweet. Very talented Russian girl whom I adore. We have some hairstyles we will try. I chose the hair I wanted, and hopefully it'll look as good on my head as it does on the model. I've also been able to save money and I am confident that not only will we be able to afford everything, but I will also get married with very little debt. My car note has only 1.5 payments left and credit card debt is down to about $2000. I plan to pay that off before we say, "I do."

Pray for James and pray for me. We are bickering too much. Last night we made up, but I do NOT want to keep arguing over trivial things. This wedding planning should not be tearing us apart. I wonder if other couples went through this. Part of me is happy that he wants to be involved, but the other part of me is questioning that! LOL That small part of me is like, "Can't James be like other men and simply stay out of the planning phase? I just need him to show up and look good."

I guess that's bad huh?


  1. Keep your head up. Remember you love each other and that is why you are getting married. ��

    1. I know... We actually talked last night and are going to do better by each other. We agreed to compromise more as well