Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Getting Fit and Sexy for My Wedding

Despite my misgiving of being a traditional bride/Bridezilla, I must admit that I've fallen onto the "wedding fit body" bandwagon. I know I look fine to most people, but I've actually been wanting to get back into shape anyway, and getting married is a perfect reason to do so. From being a dance major in school, to joining the Marines, and then later working on cruise ships, I've been athletic most of my life. These last two years though I have totally slacked on working out at all; and stretching, pssshhhh, I can barely touch my toes without my hamstrings clapping back at me with a vengeance. It's really sad. James is more flexible than I. I have six months to get my life together and get the body I want.

Traditional workouts bore me, and my main issue is muscle tone and flexibility. I don't have the problem of excess fat, but I have lost mad tone and I need tighter glutes for sure. I also would like to be adventurous, so I consulted the almighty Google, and found some classes that fit my schedule and appetite for excitement! Going to the classes will help me get out and socialize too. Im usually so consumed with school, working and wedding planning that it's tough to get out. I just don't have the energy. This will definitely help there. I understand that working out will boost my overall energy level.

During my keyword search of "sexy fitness class in Stafford, Va" I found a gym called Pole Pressure in Woodbridge. They have a monthly membership for unlimited classes at the rate of $125. I think that's reasonable when you consider the fact that the cost per class is $25. I will definitely take more than five classes a month. (I'm on a budget and I GOT to get my money's worth) They teach pole dancing, deep stretching, chair dancing and more. I NEED that stretching class!!! They even have a couple's lap dance class. I know James would love that. But I will take the class and surprise him with what I learn. Maybe on our Honeymoon. (Ughhh which we have yet to plan)

I am looking forward to getting back in shape and getting more sexy for James. He doesn't think I need to improve anything, but I'll show him that I can get even better. By the time I walk down that aisle, my arms are gonna be like, BAM, and so will my booty!

the Pole Pressure studio


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