Thursday, March 3, 2016

So My Fiance Can Dance... Who Serves Whom?

Some people told us we looked Royal!
James and I attended a birthday bash for a friend of mine this past Friday. We had such a blast!
we got there at a decent time and my best friend just happened to be standing outside the venue when we got there. I got to see all my old associates from Philly. A lot of us live in different states now, and we dont get together that often. And many of them are truly my acquaintances through my bestie, so I really dont see them often anyway. But this occasion was special, so everybody came out.

It was a black and gold affair, and I wore a black lace dress with tights and stilettos. I put on gold foil body tattoos for the gold accent. I looked really different and sexy. I had these jumbo twists in my hair too, which was a new look for me. James thought I was looking amazing. I strategically place the tattoos on my arms, hands, chest, neck and back. I used the tattoos in lieu of jewelry. If you know me, you know I hardly wear accessories other than earrings and a watch. Sometimes I will throw on a simple necklace, but not all the time.

I like the tats as accessories. They dont move around or hurt me. (I wore these huge earrings that kept getting caught on people and tugging on my ears every time I gave out a hug! It was horrible. Those earrings were off after about 10 minutes after my arrival) Maybe next time I will wear tattoos on my ears!

Anyway, being at the party made me think about my own upcoming party/reception. James and I are going to have a Martin-themed party instead of a traditional wedding reception. I just think that will be more fun. After the ceremony, we will have a cocktail hour, but in the evening, it will be ON!!!

The birthday party had simple finger foods, homemade candy, and a beautiful cake. There was wine and beer offered free. If guests wanted harder stuff, they had to BYOB. I liked that idea. I may do a similar setup.
My Best Friend and her Man

I hope people show up to my shindig and have a good time like they did at my friend's party! We had fun. LOL

So, getting to the dancing part. I had on gel foot pads. Although they made my shoes a little tight, they kept the balls of my feet from being sore too soon, and I was able to dance with James. At first he was reluctant, and I cant remember why. I convinced him to come out, and we had so much fun! Only complaint I have is he was trying to get me to bend over and touch my toes! LOL I told him we were NOT in high school and I was NOT going to "drop it like it was hot." James had other plans and bent me over once, anyway. I was a good sport and put my hands on my knees, twerked a tad, then brought it back up! He was so sexy dancing with me, and just having fun. He asked me if he could pick me up, and I told him he could. It was great. He is a great dance partner.

While at the table, he kept touching me. He asked if it was okay to show PDA around everyone or would I feel embarrassed. Of course I told him it was fine by me. I don't have a problem with that. He said that was good, because he couldnt keep his hands off me. He said I was the most beautiful lady in the room, and he was proud to be with me. I said he was the finest man there and I was glad he is mine.

We were deciding how to play the whole, "who serves whom" thing. LOL At first I told him I should get served by him since there were so many single ladies who'd be paying attention, but then I just got his plate. He really liked that, so I know I made the right choice. The rest of the night, he served me. Any time I wanted a drink or snacks. We just love being out and having a good time with friends.

We need to do things like that more often.

Many of my friends asked whether we were staying in town or heading back home. We did go back home, because James didnt want his kids to wake up before he got home. I think that's a good thing.

Anyway, here are some pics. Enjoy!

PS: When you go out with your partner to events, who serves whom? I know when Im around my family, he serves me. When Im around his, I serve him. When we go out, we alternate depending on the "impression" factor. If it will look more favorable for me to serve him, I do, and vice versa. What do you do? Should we even care what others think? Sound off in the comments...


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