Friday, April 22, 2016

Finally Booked a Wedding Venue and now I am Freaking Out

This is it! Glen Garden
Last Saturday James and I visited Glen Garden in Fredericksburg. James really liked it. He agreed with me too that Glen Garden is the type of business we wouldn't mind owning in addition to a bed and breakfast. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Smith will sell the farm and cottage to us one day. That would be cool! Anyway enough dreaming, let's get back to the present...

The garden was still being set up for wedding season, and the frigid temperatures slowed down the blooming of some flowers, so I told James to use his imagination to see Glen Garden as it would be by time our date rolled around. He told me he could envision it and he liked what he was seeing. He thought it reminded him of the Treehouse, in Philly. (Refer back to this post on our other blog) Our tour was short and sweet. James really liked it and told me that he would narrow down his list ASAP.

Simple Elegane

Glen Garden isn't too far from the spa where I work, so we can probably get ready at the spa. (I mean maybe have a morning massage and get my makeup done. That way the MUA won't have to travel as far. I'm still heavily contemplating doing my own makeup. I cant seem to find anyone I feel 100% confident in. I reached out to MUA's on Instagram, but none of them have responded yet. I don't want the traditional bridal makeup. I don't want my face completely transformed. But I want the makeup edgy and natural. I need someone that can find that balance between bridal and original edgy, ME. Glen Garden has so much character and charm that we are bound to get great shots. I'm especially excited to take pics by the barn and maybe with one of the horses. The contrast between my high fashion look and the rustic chic of the cottage is a dynamic combination! Im only giving you guys a little taste with these pics. I'll share more in due time...
Eat and Mingle here
Dancing Deck

My apologies, but I am thinking out loud here, so that's why my thoughts are all scattered. We are mailing the contract to the Smiths tomorrow! I am very excited, and a little nervous. This is IT. I mean we just put the deposit on the space for our wedding! Earlier in the week I sent the seamstress the money to purchase material for my special day. This is really happening, and I am freaking out.

James is just as calm as ever. I asked him can he be so calm, when such a big change is approaching. I told him that his life will never be the same again. He told me that life is always changing, and...??

I just looked at him and shrugged. Well for me it's overwhelming. My life is never going to be the same again. I am going to grow my household by four in about five months! I am going to be the stepmom of three tweens.

It's actually a blessing that James is so calm. He balances me out.

Oh, before I leave, let me give you the wedding details so far...

1.  It will take place Sunday, Oct 2 sometime in the early afternoon, say 1-ish. James and I originally discussed having a morning brunch wedding, but I am slowly getting away from that idea. I think it would be better to start a little later since we are having the celebration party the night before. Yes, it's gonna be a wedding weekend extravaganza! LOL complete with my Martin sitcom-themed wedding reception / birthday / 2nd-anniversary party. We are going to have so much fun. People keep asking me whether we will record the wedding or live stream. We should probably broadcast from FB Live or Periscope.

2.  I have also been asked about our wedding registry. We are registered on Honeyfund. I will make a separate post about that because it isn't your typical registry.

3.  We got the Save the Dates narrowed down to two designs. Which do you like? We will post a separate entry so that you can vote.
Both styles are cute, right?

4.  Oct 1 is the night of my Martin sitcom-themed wedding reception / birthday / 2nd-anniversary party. It'll be at a local pub. Everyone is welcome to come to that place. There isn't' a maximum number of guests like there is at Glen Garden, so I will make that one a FB evite probably at the end of the summer.

5. I found out there is a Yoga spot 5 minutes from me! So Im gonna start going there.

6. I have my hairstylist booked.

7. Next week we will do cake tasting! I want to do cake pops and cupcakes. James is cool with that. I will be sure to post about that experience.

8. I am sure that I'm forgetting something to tell you, but that can't be helped. LOL

Anyway, see you next post! And remember, our official hashtag is #J_Shaahn2016!
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Next post I will share with you guys the colors and theme. And the poll will be up as to which save the date style we should choose. I'll make a diff post about Honeyfund.

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