Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm Engaged... Again

This time things are totally different. A little background on me:

I am 38 years old. But the first time I got engaged, I believe I was 18 going on 19 years old. I got married at 21 and was divorced at 29. (Separated at 26) I have a son from my previous marriage, who will be 16 years old this year.

Im not going to go over the details of my first marriage, but I had a beautiful wedding. It was garden style almost like a fairytale. (Only with very religious overtones) My uncle was the planner and saw to it that I had beautiful flowers, various types of foods (African, Caribbean and American) and of course a delicious cake. I think I had a very traditional wedding and was NOT disappointed.

I said that to say, I am not trying to have the "wedding I never had." I just want a beautiful wedding outfit, a classy venue and a really nice party afterwards, with all my family and friends there to celebrate with me.

My fiance is James. He will probably post a blog of his own. So you will meet him soon.

Anyway, I recently ended a four-year dating blog this week. I kind of had to, because my status has changed. My old blog was called, "She's Dating... Again," and it chronicled my crazy dating life. Eventually, I met a man online and we clicked. We fell in love and have never looked back.

To read about James, me and our relationship up to this point, please visit: She's Dating... Again. If you look on the right side of that blog, you'll see the most popular posts. We met in August 2014 and became monogamous in January. We consider our anniversary to be the day we met though, which happens to also double as the anniversary of our first date. (We actually met online first and then in person) Our first date is listed there on the old blog, so you can get the story from the beginning. It's a good story. It's got ups and downs and videos... You'll see that I can get a little psycho too.

James says all women are some sort of crazy. You just have to get a woman with a crazy you can handle! I agree with him (^_^)

I put him through the ringer and made him fight for me. Partly because that's what I think a man should do, fight for a woman, but also because I was so guarded. I had to know he was serious. In this dating age, things can be tough for my age group. We are between traditional and new age. My generation loves love and are romantic. But I think these younger people are not, and have influenced the way everyone dates. I mean the apps, the dating sites, all make it so easy to pick and choose people, then throw them away with the click of a button, or fingerswipe... It's kind of carried over into real life. The technology, I mean. People barely even talk anymore. And a relationship? What is that nowadays?

So glad I dont have to figure that type of mess out anymore. Blessed to have a partner. Blessed to have an old-fashioned type of love. James is very traditional but open minded enough to allow me to be a modern woman, without taking all the chivalry out of it. He is my perfect fit. And I am his.

We get each other. It feels really good. Really, really good. And I want this feeling for the rest of my life. With James. James Jackson, Jr. That's his name. Don't stand out much. It's a simple name. He's pretty easygoing too. He isnt complicated. Just like his name. I love it. He helps me stay balanced.

Ughhhh I need to stop gushing. Sorry.

So, umm... Why write this blog?

I guess I just want to leave my mark on the world. I also want to immortalize my relationship. I think it's unique because it's an endless love that will not fade, or die. James loves me HARD and he isnt shy about it. I think that James is the type of man many women dream of, and our relationship should be recorded. This story of love can not go undocumented! Especially because we are people of color. How many positive love stories do we see reflected in the media about love between a black man and woman?

I'll wait.

I'm sure you get my point.

Anyway, enjoy this blog. I'd like to involve you every step of the way. I may have contests from time to time too. I will definitely need your help deciding on certain things such as colors, cakes, trinkets.... You get the drift.

I can tell you now that my wedding will be non-traditional, but as you get to know me, you'll learn that I like to be unique. I mean, how else could I hope to leave my mark on the world if I simply blended in?

So, please follow the blog for posts, and updates. Share, comment and all that. James and I are very responsive.

With that, I'll say, "Goodbye,"


Here is a pic of James and me from just this past Valentine's Day.

Playing with the selfie stick James got me for V-Day


  1. Love it! I'm so happy for You and James. I look forward to following. May your love for each other overflow.

  2. Thank you Lisa!! Can you believe we made it this far? LOL