Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Fall Wedding Color Palette Revealed PLUS Save the Date Contest Deets Inside

Plum, Seafoam, Dusty Rose, Beige, and Blush are Perfect Colors for Our Fall Wedding
Our wedding color palette from which we draw our inspiration for decor... Initially, I chose cranberry but I am going with plum because I love the deep tone. If we want, we can still use some cranberry accents as well, since they are in the same color family. In fact, we can use any color that compliments my chosen color palette, so we have lots of room to play. (Most likely won't use cranberry though!)

Im trying to convince James to wear a plum or Marsala-colored blazer because that will set off our colors very well. I can easily imagine his deep, rich pigment against my soft pale hue. There's also a beige blazer that would match up well, but it isn't as contrasting and it's simply too safe for my liking. Even a gray-ish blue blazer would work well. What do you think?  James is not a risk-taker. He needs to feel comfortable too, so I will take him to some boutique suit shops so he can see the color against his skin.

Don't you think the plum is better against the other colors? I love all these colored blazers!

James is not as fashion-forward as I am, although he likes to think he is ever since he got named best dressed in high school (insert snicker and eye roll here). At first he told me a flat out, "No," but last night he said he just needed to see it on his body before committing. I can work with that.

The Seamstress, Lisa Walton, traveled to New York to find the perfect color of silk faille. She is sending me swatches as I type this entry. I am so excited. Things feel as though they are coming together. Still have to get flowers, food, and James' ring. And James needs to measure me so I can send the measurements to Lisa.


Calendar Style
Knot Style
James and I have a photo shoot scheduled for May 21. We will be shooting our engagement pics in Philly (my hometown).

I will use a photo from that session to use with the Save the Dates.

Here are our choices.

Which do you like best?

Calendar or Knot?
I may do a combo of them both... Decisions, decisions  (^_^)

Voice your opinion in the comments section below. Whichever gets the most votes, wins! We will use them to send out to guests.

Thank you for helping!

Keep reading as our wedding story unfolds.
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