Monday, February 22, 2016

Wedding Planning for Dummies... HELP

James and I got engaged last September. The next day, I was all over Google, signing up for all the wedding planning sites, and pinning stuff to my Pinterest account and whatnot. I even started making a free wedding website, and after three days of that mess, I was burned out.

Before I even got started good, I was burned out.

It's overwhelming! I'd downloaded apps to my phone that probably weren't even needed. (I've since deleted them all) but I was so hype to start the process that I jumped all into the technology. The Knot, Wedding Wire, Wedbook... The list of wedding planning sites and phone apps is limitless. I was caught up by all the checklists and "help" on the Internet. It was confusing. Did I want a DIY, or a wedding planner? What is our budget? What is necessary, what can be left out?
the internet info was overwhelming!!

I felt like a deer caught in headlights. Just stuck. What do I do?

Nothing. I just dropped the ball. Until now. It's February 19, 2016.

Then it began to hit me that all the things these wedding sites were saying are "necessities' for a great wedding, would cost a lot of money, and really were NOT necessities. I also realized from reading blogs about other people's weddings that getting married is totally personal. We can have it exactly the way we want. Weddings are a big business, so all the sites are in the business to make money, too. That was very apparent when I called a caterer just to see how much it might cost to feed guests at a reception. It could easily cost $10,000 for food service alone.

Our budget will not accommodate a food cost like that. You see, James and I are both getting married for the second time. We aren't young adults anymore, so neither of us expect our parents to give us money. We wont even ask.

We have a micro-budget! LOL And although it is small, it will be a beautiful ceremony.

To help offset costs, and to not go into debt, I've started selling cosmetics to save up money for the wedding, and James took on a part time job at night, temporarily, to do the same. I sell Tyra Beauty. (Feel free to shop my site! Thanks in advance) I decided to just let the money build up in my account, and use only for more makeup to sell and of course, the wedding.

Back to the research findings:

When I picked up the planning again, I found this awesome article, which helped me put things into perspective!

From everything I've read and heard, a venue is the first thing we need to lock down. This is gonna be tough. We dont have long and nice venues get booked quickly. For me, location is everything. It has to be Just Right! I want it to match my outfit. (Yes, I got my wedding outfit chosen, and the seamstress to make it; I have the idea for the party, and I have my photographer locked down too. Im also going to film a wedding movie. The director and crew is locked. Funny, but I seem to be locking everything else down EXCEPT the venue so far! Ughhhh I know. I put that one on James to handle. He is so good with people, I know he will get us a great place at a very good price.

I prefer the ceremony be outdoors, but being that we plan to wed in the Fall, it may be chilly out. (though I highly doubt it) So I'm open to indoor venues with lots of windows and scenic views. A museum is even a great place too. Its contemporary, and modern. And unique! ^_^
There is a helpful site I found called, Wedding-Spot. It's great! It's a venue price comparison site. Oddly enough, it came up when I queried, "Wedding Cupcakes, Stafford, VA." It didnt come up when I searched for the keywords, "wedding venues." Weird, I know.

Anyway, I am hoping to find a place where we can have a ceremony and light refreshments/cocktail hour afterward. No longer than 3 hours tops. I want the wedding in the early afternoon. In the evening, I plan to have a big party!

James came up with the theme of a Wish Upon a Star Came True, but I don't think that will happen now, because we will not be holding the wedding at night anymore. Im sure we can stil do some type of starry theme. It could work. I found these cute DIY atom looking ornaments that resemble stars. I'd like to make them and hang them about the venue. I plan to get James' children to help me make them.
Arent they adorbs?

What I have learned so far doing my venue search is that a ceremony-only affair includes three hours. that is plenty time to set up, exchange vows, cocktail hour and bounce! Might need to add one more hour there. But that's it.

It would be awesome to have an evening wedding. But I want to have my birthday party in lieu of a reception, and that is going to be a Martin sitcom-themed party. LOL Maybe we will save the elegant evening thing for an anniversary.

I guess that's all I have to update you with for now. Be sure to follow my Pinterest Wedding board to see what I like, and please feel free to add stuff too. You never know, I just may like your pin! And hey, reading this blog may assist you in planning your own DIY wedding too. <3



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