Monday, June 27, 2016

You Will NOT Believe How Much My Invitations Cost

I am THRILLED to write this post tonight. I just finished creating my wedding invitations from scratch. We are getting 100 4x6 glossy, color, (printed front and back), with graphics AND matching envelopes for a STEAL. (IMO) I will let you all know the name of the company once I receive the invitations. I don't want to recommend them just yet. I will admit that I have used this company in the past for marketing material and was very pleased. Glad they sent me a promo email earlier in the week. Otherwise I had forgotten all about them. I haven't gotten email from them all year. I guess this was simply serendipity!                               
it's getting real!

I really want to show the invites to you, but I have to wait until I mail them out. I worked on them all day. Thankfully, James liked them too. He's hated all the other invitations I made up. For now,  Im just waiting for the proof to arrive in my inbox before I give the printing company the green light. They should be here by June 30 which will be perfect because then I can hand some out at James' parents' July 4th BBQ. (Heheeee saving on postage like a BOSS)

BTW I am just itching to tell you how much my invitations cost! Okay... Are you sitting down?


That's it. That INCLUDES SHIPPING of $13. (Insert happy dance)

This lady is sticking to the $10K and below budget that we set.

Stick with me til the end, and I will give you a breakdown of all the expenses! I just might be able to help other couples have an elegant, yet inexpensive wedding. Maybe I will put all the data together to make a little webpage or something for other DIY couples on a budget.

So far, we have cut down costs by having a shorter reception, and although I will be sending out hard-copy invitations, we are getting all RSVPs online. This solves the problem of how we were going to get the word out in the first place.

I'm so excited about the progress we are making here. I know it's crunch time.

Now, if only a beautiful eggplant or plum colored suit for James would fall into my lap... That is the next hurdle we need to cross.

PS> It looks as though our color palette is shrinking to just two colors -- Baby Blue and Plum. Its been tough for me to work the sage in. I guess the flowers will have to reflect that. They dont allow a whole lot of decorating at the Museum, so minus the flowers, and tablecloths, there's no place to display the "color palette." Im fine with that.


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