Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update Post: Workout, Bride Box Subscription, Staying on Budget, SHOES

Yeah, things haven't been too exciting on the wedding planning front, so I have been quiet as far as posting. Right now, we are just making plans for everything and paying installment payments on everything....

I bought my wedding shoes. They're a beautiful pair of vintage Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. The heels are over four inches. I bought these special inserts that are supposed to shift the pressure off the balls of my feet to my heels. I hope they work! I also got some metatarsal gel pads that stick to your feet instead of your shoe. That way, when the photographer takes the "shoe pic" it won't have ugly shoe inserts showing. LOL

I got the shoes from eBay for $75. (Yes we are still on course to spend less that $10,000 on this wedding)

One exciting part of the preparation is the big party we are having the night before the wedding.

The invites have gone out and I believe it will be a great event. It's a costumed party to the theme of the Martin show. James and I will surprise everyone with our costumes.

Another exciting thing that happened is I received my bridal gift box. Last month I signed up to receive a Natural Hair Bride box. It's not an expensive subscription (especially for all you get inside) and I like the idea of getting gifts each month leading up to the wedding. Big stress reliever.  I was thinking I could definitely use the boxes later AND probably use some of the items to gift my besties for all their help.

Below is the video that shows all that came inside the inaugural box.

If you want a box, go to


--We are a little over three months out and we still need to finalize invites. I do have the website up and running. Just need a formal invite to get people to the site, and I still need all of James' contacts. I sent out invitations to closest friends and family just to get a preliminary headcount. I think we may need to order more food  (-_-)

-- The suit place I wanted to go to doesn't have the color suit I want for James. We may still use them though. May need to choose an alternate color.

-- Spoke with my floral coordinator (my uncle) and he's gonna donate two 4-ft columns and an archway :) We love free stuff

-- I've begun my bridal bootcamp workout and I LOVE it. I am toning up and James is taking notice. It's been a full two weeks and I see results, so definitely not giving up.

Here are the videos I've been using in case you want to get in shape with me

**Bridal Bootcamp that I do every day  

**Butt Blast so my legs and butt look good in my silhouette  (I do this 2-3 times a week)

 **Inner Thigh workout blast (I only do once a week)

** MY FAVE Booty Burn (I do 2-3x a week to switch it up a tad)

-- We still have yet to do a cake tasting or formally hire a cake vendor, although I think I have one. Problem is I may have to sacrifice my dream of cake pops and cupcakes... :(

Love you guys. Will keep you posted!

PS. If you would like to check out our registry, and leave us a message you can do so HERE


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