Monday, May 16, 2016

The Honeyfund Experiment
This is our Honeyfund Webpage

What James and I really want is a luxurious honeymoon complete with adventurous excursions, spa days and secluded beaches. We want a whole two weeks to enjoy Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea. We want to do things that neither of us will ever forget. Have a vacation like the rich and famous! LOL Start our life together with a trip for the storybooks!! James and I know how to make the most of what we have, but it would be so amazing if we could go on vacation without a care in the world other than having fun, relaxing and loving each other. That is where the Honeyfund website comes in.

If you have been following our relationship, you'd know that both James and I have our own independent households. We will be combining them and James will move in with me until we save enough to buy a bigger, more suitable home for six.

With that being said, a traditional wedding registry is simply unnecessary. We have been blessed to have everything we need to embark on a life together, barring some home improvement projects that are relatively inexpensive. I found this wedding registry website called Honeyfund, where you list your registries including your honeymoon wishes. Yes! Your loved ones, family, and friends can contribute to your honeymoon, instead of getting you gifts or cards filled with cash.

As this is the second wedding for us both, we are paying for everything ourselves. Suffice it to say the ideal gift for our circumstances and position in life IS money or gift cards. Various home goods would be nice, but even then, we wouldn't be getting anything that we do not already own. We would just be getting newer versions. At this time, what we currently own is just fine. We don't need new stuff!  I'm talking about small appliances, bedding, etc... You get the drift. So I think it's smart to steer people toward the honeymoon registry since that is what the both of us truly want.

We have opted to do a minimoon for two days immediately following our wedding. We will have our true honeymoon vacation around New Year's. It gives us time to save and plan the exact honeymoon we want.

James is not totally onboard with the idea of Honeyfund. He feels like it's begging for money and comes across as tacky. I told him that times are changing. Most of our gifts will be cash anyway! People aren't offended by us being honest! And besides, what is even more tacky would be returning gifts we do not need! Why not give people the link to our honeymoon registry when they ask us where we are registered? This way people can choose what they contribute to specifically. They can choose from helping pay for airfare, to hotel stays and excursions.

I am not saying we should put the link in the invitation, but when people ask, we share. I think it's a great alternative to the traditional registry, and I truly believe people will want to see us go on this epic honeymoon. We have let them into our lives, so why wouldn't they appreciate an avenue to share in our joy?

What do you think? Check out the page I made for us. We even got our own hashtag. So people can keep up with our wedding posts and updates.

If you have been following me since 2012, you know the WHOLE story. Thank you for all the love and well wishes. If you would like to contribute, click here --->> James and Shaahn Honeymoon in Tahiti

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